Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Welcome 2012 Fall Fun Season

Hello Fall Fun Followers,
I am awaking from my long slumber a little late this year. I wish to share another great costume idea. The Ghost Rider is my son's favorite comic book. So we created a ghost rider costume with things around the house.

Ghost Rider makes great use of a mohawk.
My son was sporting a mohawk which added to the drama of the costume. I always have a large selection of makeup and colored hair spray. Black leather coat...check. Black jeans...check. Black leather gloves...check. Fake chain...check. Yes, I have a great fake chain in my Halloween Attic. The make up is a basic skull which you can find direction on how to do this in an earlier post on The Halloween Queen Blog. I added red, orange and yellow flames on his face around the eyes and above the cheek bones. Then I teased his hair and applied a large amount of heavy duty hairspray so it would stay up. Then sprayed stripes of red, orange, yellow and gold colored hairspray to get the flame effect. I always like face paint better than any mask. It is much safer for seeing where you are going. If you have sensitive skin be careful in what types of makeup you use. You may have to pay a little more for a professional brand but, if you want to be able to do face make up then it is worth it!
Happy Fall Celebrating!
The Halloween Queen

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