Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Equinox...Autumn is here, Halloween is on the way!

Start planning your Halloween season activities now and you will be less stressed come October 31st. Good costumes and decorations
Vintage 1987 Halloween Queen. I made
this costume. It is like eating chips...
you can't just make one...come visit my attic!
take some time to prepare.

Practice your make up now to get it like you want it then take a pic to follow on party night.

Does your costume have all the props you need? Second hand resale stores are a great place to find costume bits and pieces for a great price!

Home made conjured costumes are way better than store bought. Just use your imagination. Look at some of my previous posts of costumes and makeup. Many of these are combinations of various costume pieces. Some are pieces of store bought and various pieces I have gotten at second hand stores or yard sales. Look online for ideas the run with them! Make your costume your own!

Keep a notebook with ideas for the future as well. Buy a large tub (or two) to store your costume pieces from year to year. Raid the end of season Halloween sales the first week in November to stock up for next year!

Most important ....Have FUN!

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