Thursday, October 26, 2017

Halloween 2016

These were from Halloween 2016. We had lots of fun!
What will 2017 bring? We shall see!
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Looks like Zombies are hot this year! Here are a few ideas that I have found and like! Try each of can never have enough zombies! ;-) Just click the links!

Homemade Zombies with Spray Foam Insulation
If you can get some foam packing pieces this could work too and be a little less costly.

On Instructables - "Make A Zombie Head!"

Latex and foam head method.

For our gamers out there:
Minecraft Zombie Head

I have another idea I am going to try out  using paper bags. If I am successful I will post...stop back!

Love and Scares!
The Halloween Queen

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Equinox...Autumn is here, Halloween is on the way!

Start planning your Halloween season activities now and you will be less stressed come October 31st. Good costumes and decorations
Vintage 1987 Halloween Queen. I made
this costume. It is like eating chips...
you can't just make one...come visit my attic!
take some time to prepare.

Practice your make up now to get it like you want it then take a pic to follow on party night.

Does your costume have all the props you need? Second hand resale stores are a great place to find costume bits and pieces for a great price!

Home made conjured costumes are way better than store bought. Just use your imagination. Look at some of my previous posts of costumes and makeup. Many of these are combinations of various costume pieces. Some are pieces of store bought and various pieces I have gotten at second hand stores or yard sales. Look online for ideas the run with them! Make your costume your own!

Keep a notebook with ideas for the future as well. Buy a large tub (or two) to store your costume pieces from year to year. Raid the end of season Halloween sales the first week in November to stock up for next year!

Most important ....Have FUN!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkins can be FUN and stylish!

You could make your name with these or just a greeting
What an elegant seasonal touch!
I love all the great things folks do with pumpkins. Whimsical, classy and creative ideas. Here are a few I like. See what great things you can do with pumpkins. I tried to select "no cut or puncture" designs to get the longest life from your pumpkin. Mix a cup of bleach in a bucket of water and dunk your pumpkin to eliminate anything that could promote rot sooner, wipe dry. When done with your pumpkins, place them in a corner of your vegetable garden to let them rot and grow new pumpkins next year. Happy Pumpkin Decorating!

Stenciled white pumpkins 
Can you believe DUCT TAPE?
Ribbon makes a nice touch!

Despicable Me Characters

Sunday, September 29, 2013

October is almost here!

Let me see what cool holiday fun I can share with you!

Any requests for holiday ideas? Please post a comment.

The Halloween Queen will see what she can do to help you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Welcome 2012 Fall Fun Season

Hello Fall Fun Followers,
I am awaking from my long slumber a little late this year. I wish to share another great costume idea. The Ghost Rider is my son's favorite comic book. So we created a ghost rider costume with things around the house.

Ghost Rider makes great use of a mohawk.
My son was sporting a mohawk which added to the drama of the costume. I always have a large selection of makeup and colored hair spray. Black leather coat...check. Black jeans...check. Black leather gloves...check. Fake chain...check. Yes, I have a great fake chain in my Halloween Attic. The make up is a basic skull which you can find direction on how to do this in an earlier post on The Halloween Queen Blog. I added red, orange and yellow flames on his face around the eyes and above the cheek bones. Then I teased his hair and applied a large amount of heavy duty hairspray so it would stay up. Then sprayed stripes of red, orange, yellow and gold colored hairspray to get the flame effect. I always like face paint better than any mask. It is much safer for seeing where you are going. If you have sensitive skin be careful in what types of makeup you use. You may have to pay a little more for a professional brand but, if you want to be able to do face make up then it is worth it!
Happy Fall Celebrating!
The Halloween Queen

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reflective Light Up Halloween Signs

Here is a way to decorate your lawn and get attention!
Here is what signs look like in day time...
When the Halloween Queen is not the Halloween Queen...she is mild mannered artist, sign and graphics creator Jean Klinedinst and her business is  This year she has finally gotten to create a collections of signs that anyone can decorate their yard in a really cool way. Place orders by contacting info is on business web site. These signs can be customized to your needs or occasion.

At night they light up when lights hit them! Looks cool and saves electricity!!!
Call Jestek today to get more info on Reflective Light Up Yard Signs.

Halloween Queen and friend attend local Halloween Party!

Another night of fall fun!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Favorite Movie Characters and things around the house. Captain Jack

OK... everyone love Pirates of the Caribbean movies especially Captain Jack Sparrow. My son loved this character so much, I had to figure out a cost effective way to do this. Now my "around the house" when it comes to Halloween costumes is probably not the same as most people's around the house. I collect fabric, costume and costume pieces all the time and store them in my costume suitcases in the attic. At Walmart the week or two after Halloween is a great place to get cheap marked down Halloween items to stock up for next year. I did not purchase anything for this costume except for the dabloom beads on the head piece. I took a piece of red fabric left over from making the red vest pictured and created a head piece with the pony bead/dabloom strands sewn to it. I had an old beat up tricorner hat in my hat collection. Black witches wigs... I have a bunch! The white shirt is an old tux shirt. The tattered looking shirt happens to be a piece from a different pirate costume. I have all kinds of props like swords, so this was a no brainer. The belt is a hold out from the 80's and in my closet :-). Add some make up...using a little eye liner around the eyes, a goatee and mustache.  Put it all together and voila... you have Captain Jack Sparrow! Is this an exact copy of Captain Jack? but everyone knew who he was. So root around in your closets to see what costume pieces you can come up with before you go and spend money at the store. You can bet that your costume will be unique and no one else will have a costume exactly like yours.

Don't Lose Your Head!!!Another costume idea...The Head Hunter!

I cannot take full credit for the idea on this one. I saw many versions of this on the web. This is my version...The Head Hunter.

The Halloween Queen checks out her handywork!
Works best for someone on the short side. My son was about 10 years old in this one. We took a hiking backpack with a frame and mounted the upper part of the creature on it using a piece of wood we tiewrapped to the frame as a spine to keep the fellow upright. Newspaper stuffed the head and flannel shirt for the body. I sewed small loops on the gloves for The Head Hunters hands and bobbypinned to Skyler's hair. An over sized pair of pants and a couple hunter orange items completes the clothing of The Head Hunter. A little makeup on Skyler's face and neck completes the look. Just need to be careful on this one. His arms are inside the pants so he does not have a way to stop himself if he I stayed right with him until he was ready to take off the costume and have fun at the party playing games.
Could be impressive with a bigger person as the The head Hunter would look to be a giant!

More Ideas for Costumes

If you take the time to pull this one can be a lot of fun fooling your friends. Dress as the opposite sex. My son had a great time with this a few years back. No one at his karate school knew who he was. We walked in separtely so we would not give it away!

Spiderella fooled everyone!

He was so happy when he won the most funny costume award! Well deserved! He is such a good sport!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Halloween Queen Awakens for the 2011 Halloween Season

Hello Everyone. I have now come out of my yearly slumber for a season of Fall fun, crafts and games! I have some special projects in the works and will post them soon!
Check back!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!!

The Halloween Queen would like to share her 2010 creature...Half Face.
I created this one in about 30 minutes before leaving for Trick or Treat time.

When I went to use my latex I discovered it was mostly dryed up...oh no!!! So I dropped back and started ripping the dryed up latex into small pieces... then I used spirit gum to attach them to my creature. I used eyeliner to outline the main features like the line down the "tear" and the bone structure of the skull. I then did the skull thing first(see previous posting on how to do this), then added color to the latex pieces and along the tear. My creature felt that the ear should be mostly blacked out and he wanted black wild hair. We use Got 2B Glued hair gel and black hair spray. I added a touch of white hair spray on the skull side to add some depth to the skull. Then I just added a bit of dark powered eye shadow to the skin side to create a distressed effect to eyes, cheek, temple and chin. I also added skin color to his lips to tone them down. Add a discounted costume we picked up at Walmart after Halloween last year and Viola!!! Half Face Creature!!!

The face you see most times in my creations is my wonderful son, Skyler. I am so thankful he lets me have fun playing Halloween with him! He loved this one this year so much! He told people at the houses we trick or treated at, that it was just a little shaving accident. He had so many compliments on how good he looked! He had a smile ear to ear the whole night.

Keep checking back. Over the next year I will add more ideas that I have done in the past so maybe you can find a costume or craft idea to use for yourself! It is a bunch of fun!

The most fun we have at Halloween time is going shopping in costume. This year we went to eat at a restaurant before trick or treat in is so much fun to see folks stop and look at your great creations.

Happy Halloween,
The Halloween Queen

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Fun Leaf Activity- Leaf Pounding...and Flowers too!

Leaf and flower pounding is a very cool way to make some neat crafts or gifts. It can be very therapeutic to get your frustrations out too! Just do not do when you have a headache. In my humble opinion, ear protection would be recommended.

It is so easy that even small children can do this, have fun and be very successful.

I was amazed as to how many sites offer instruction on how to do this very cool art. Below I have links to a few, but there are more out there. There are a couple videos on YouTube for flower pounding as well.

Basically you need a piece of fabric or card stock to create your leaf/flower pounding art on, leaves and/or flowers, a hammer, a piece of wood to pound upon, & masking tape. Some of the artisans I have linked to use a few other tools that you can see on their link. For more details on how to do this neat craft go to the below links and select the style that suits you best or search the web for more ideas!

Happy Pounding!
The Halloween Queen


Leaf pounding with Bettye Kimbrell(pictured above):

Different style leaf pounding technique...

Flower Pounding- for summer or in off season if you buy from a florist:

Flower pounding to make greeting cards: