Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!!

The Halloween Queen would like to share her 2010 creature...Half Face.
I created this one in about 30 minutes before leaving for Trick or Treat time.

When I went to use my latex I discovered it was mostly dryed up...oh no!!! So I dropped back and started ripping the dryed up latex into small pieces... then I used spirit gum to attach them to my creature. I used eyeliner to outline the main features like the line down the "tear" and the bone structure of the skull. I then did the skull thing first(see previous posting on how to do this), then added color to the latex pieces and along the tear. My creature felt that the ear should be mostly blacked out and he wanted black wild hair. We use Got 2B Glued hair gel and black hair spray. I added a touch of white hair spray on the skull side to add some depth to the skull. Then I just added a bit of dark powered eye shadow to the skin side to create a distressed effect to eyes, cheek, temple and chin. I also added skin color to his lips to tone them down. Add a discounted costume we picked up at Walmart after Halloween last year and Viola!!! Half Face Creature!!!

The face you see most times in my creations is my wonderful son, Skyler. I am so thankful he lets me have fun playing Halloween with him! He loved this one this year so much! He told people at the houses we trick or treated at, that it was just a little shaving accident. He had so many compliments on how good he looked! He had a smile ear to ear the whole night.

Keep checking back. Over the next year I will add more ideas that I have done in the past so maybe you can find a costume or craft idea to use for yourself! It is a bunch of fun!

The most fun we have at Halloween time is going shopping in costume. This year we went to eat at a restaurant before trick or treat in is so much fun to see folks stop and look at your great creations.

Happy Halloween,
The Halloween Queen

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