Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Fun Leaf Activity- Leaf Pounding...and Flowers too!

Leaf and flower pounding is a very cool way to make some neat crafts or gifts. It can be very therapeutic to get your frustrations out too! Just do not do when you have a headache. In my humble opinion, ear protection would be recommended.

It is so easy that even small children can do this, have fun and be very successful.

I was amazed as to how many sites offer instruction on how to do this very cool art. Below I have links to a few, but there are more out there. There are a couple videos on YouTube for flower pounding as well.

Basically you need a piece of fabric or card stock to create your leaf/flower pounding art on, leaves and/or flowers, a hammer, a piece of wood to pound upon, & masking tape. Some of the artisans I have linked to use a few other tools that you can see on their link. For more details on how to do this neat craft go to the below links and select the style that suits you best or search the web for more ideas!

Happy Pounding!
The Halloween Queen


Leaf pounding with Bettye Kimbrell(pictured above):

Different style leaf pounding technique...

Flower Pounding- for summer or in off season if you buy from a florist:

Flower pounding to make greeting cards:

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