Monday, October 4, 2010

Need a costume quick? Try This!!

One of the easiest ways I have found to create a last minute quick impressive costume is to do a skull face and add any clothing or costumes you have lying around. I have created directions on how to do this to the right under "How to..."

You will see some examples of a few times we have used this easy way to make an impressive costume. All you need is a pencil eye liner, black and white clown make-up, make-up sponges, baby powder, a powder puff and craft or make-up brushes which you may already have.

Be sure to check and make sure your face can handle the make-up first. Some folks are sensitive to some make-up products. If you are sensitive you may want to invest in the higher end theatrical make-up from suppliers on the web. Be sure to have a jar of cold cream on far the best and quickest way to remove make-up without drying your skin out. Available at most drug stores.

I have also used clown costumes and was "Boney the Clown". The "Dead Cowboy" worked great for trick or treat with my mask to get in the way and we used most of his own clothing, so it fit him just right, nothing to get tangled and tripped over.

Safety is a big concern for Halloween Festivities. Whether you are going out trick or treating or going to a party...costumes that fit well and face adornment that does not block your vision is important. If you practice your make-up skills, you can just skip the mask. It makes enjoying the festivities much better. Plus you will make a big impression!
Watch for more make-up tips in future postings.

Enjoy the Season!!
The Halloween Queen

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