Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome Fall ... Welcome ALL!!!

This blog is dedicated to all things fall and fun. I am a graphic artist with much experience in designing costumes, makeup and general creativity. I will share some of my "secrets" here with you. If you are in the Red Lion PA Area and need help for your halloween costume or a costume any time just pop me an email to schedule an appointment. I have created many award winning costumes over the years.

Check out my customized graphics business web site to see what all I do in my "normal life"

Costumes do not need to be commercially purchased to be a winner....many can be created from your and your friends closets OR from a thrift store. Make-up techniques can be learned, I will share some of these here. Just use your imagination.

Fun fall crafts and activities are cool too. I will share these too. So go ahead and throw a party...the season is right for fun.

Yours Truly,
The Halloween Queen

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