Saturday, October 15, 2011

Don't Lose Your Head!!!Another costume idea...The Head Hunter!

I cannot take full credit for the idea on this one. I saw many versions of this on the web. This is my version...The Head Hunter.

The Halloween Queen checks out her handywork!
Works best for someone on the short side. My son was about 10 years old in this one. We took a hiking backpack with a frame and mounted the upper part of the creature on it using a piece of wood we tiewrapped to the frame as a spine to keep the fellow upright. Newspaper stuffed the head and flannel shirt for the body. I sewed small loops on the gloves for The Head Hunters hands and bobbypinned to Skyler's hair. An over sized pair of pants and a couple hunter orange items completes the clothing of The Head Hunter. A little makeup on Skyler's face and neck completes the look. Just need to be careful on this one. His arms are inside the pants so he does not have a way to stop himself if he I stayed right with him until he was ready to take off the costume and have fun at the party playing games.
Could be impressive with a bigger person as the The head Hunter would look to be a giant!

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