Saturday, October 15, 2011

Favorite Movie Characters and things around the house. Captain Jack

OK... everyone love Pirates of the Caribbean movies especially Captain Jack Sparrow. My son loved this character so much, I had to figure out a cost effective way to do this. Now my "around the house" when it comes to Halloween costumes is probably not the same as most people's around the house. I collect fabric, costume and costume pieces all the time and store them in my costume suitcases in the attic. At Walmart the week or two after Halloween is a great place to get cheap marked down Halloween items to stock up for next year. I did not purchase anything for this costume except for the dabloom beads on the head piece. I took a piece of red fabric left over from making the red vest pictured and created a head piece with the pony bead/dabloom strands sewn to it. I had an old beat up tricorner hat in my hat collection. Black witches wigs... I have a bunch! The white shirt is an old tux shirt. The tattered looking shirt happens to be a piece from a different pirate costume. I have all kinds of props like swords, so this was a no brainer. The belt is a hold out from the 80's and in my closet :-). Add some make up...using a little eye liner around the eyes, a goatee and mustache.  Put it all together and voila... you have Captain Jack Sparrow! Is this an exact copy of Captain Jack? but everyone knew who he was. So root around in your closets to see what costume pieces you can come up with before you go and spend money at the store. You can bet that your costume will be unique and no one else will have a costume exactly like yours.

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